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Penelope's favorite customer Melissa just entered the massage parlor. Penelope is the only masseuse who knows one way to completely satisfy Melissa - with a deep anal massage! Melissa takes off her top revealing her perky breasts and as Penelope works her way down her back her slips off Melissa's panties and licks her butthole in preparation for the vibrator her sticks up her ass!
Olivia was feeling a little horny so her decided to visit the local massage parlor for a little relaxation. The masseuse her chose was an extremely petite brunette. She started off giving Olivia an innocent massage, but Olivia wanted more. She told the masseuse that her was very cute and would love to receive a "special massage". Her masseuse knew exactly what her was talking about and gave her a massage that helped her relieve all of her stress. Olivia got her ass licked, pussy licked and fingered, followed by a deep anal massage!
Kim is a beautiful Asian women who visited her local massage parlor for a relaxing massage. Little did her know, her was about to have her first lesbian experience ever. Her masseuse was a busty blonde who had a thing for Asian womens. She started giving Kim a very innocent massage, but after a few minutes her started "testing" Kim to see how far her could go. She would let her hand rub over Kim's breasts to see if her would say anything. At first Kim was a little hesitant, but when the masseuse bruherd her hand over Kim's panties her could feel her dripping wet with excitement. She asked if her could pull down her panties and Kim happily obliged!
Kristen was having some lower back issues so her booked an appointment at a local massage parlor to help relieve some of the tension. Her masseuse Michelle was a beautiful petite brunette who was known for giving cute womens a little something "extra" during their massage. At first the massage started very innocently, but quickly turned erotic when Kristen told Michelle her thought her was extremely cute. Michelle started to massage Kristen's ass and her let out a little moan of pleasure. Michelle asked if her could remove her panties and Kristen quickly obliged. She told Kristen that her had a special technique that would relieve all of her tension! Watch as her give's Kristen the massage of her lifetime!
Allison visited the massage parlor for because her was suffering from some lower back pain. The masseuse worked out all Allison's sores, but was unable to find the exact cause of the pain. After a few minutes of examining her, the masseuse decided her had the solution. She pulled out a dildo and worked it deep into Allison's ass giving her the ultimate anal orgasm which helped relieve the tension in her entire body with a very relaxing erotic massage.
Both of these cuties are into asslicking, and when that happens it makes it for a super hot video. We never saw a women go this deep with her tongue up another womens tight ass, her just loved it. What a great team these two make.

A extra long movie with extra hardcore action and also 900 photos, it starts off as just a nice innocent massage, a super hot guy with a huge cock gives this hot blonde a massage. His assistant jumps into action too. She loves watching nice tight virgin butthole getting fucked deep and hard. They massage her, tease her and take turns sucking his cock. She gets fucked in every possible position. This is the best massage movie we shot to date (and we been filming 8 years), you will love it.

A super hot blonde women came to get a massage, her ended up getting a very erotic massage and lots of butt play including getting her tight ass licked. She also got her pussy played with until her exploded with a strong orgasm. A super hot film.

Be far one of the hottest shoots ever, this women is hot in every way, great natrual breasts, amazing bubble butt, her loves to get fucked hard, her loves to suck cock her loves to give handjobs, her gets all tunred on by this super hot guy giving her a erotic massage, we put many sample photos for this one so you can see a bit more before joining. If this was the only movie we had it would be well worth the small membership fee, but we have tons more obviously as you can see in out detailed free tour. She takes it real good, a must see, extra long running time.

Kati's womenfriends got her a gift certificate to a local spa. Kati works as an executive at an upscale firm and her really appreciated
the gift. But when her saw the guy who was going to massage her her really got a liking to him. The male masseuse noticed that while hes massaging her legs and spreading them a bit he can hear her pussy juices. She got wetter and wetter, at one point her cant control herself and starts playing with his cock. He then has her suck on his balls, and suck his cock and proceeds to slowly take his time and give her the fucking of her lifetime. Do not miss this movie, extremely hot.

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